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Small L.A. company muscles into the kids’ beverage market with a healthy alternative.

Y Water for kids: All the good stuff without the bad stuff.


Los Angeles, CA (July 9, 2014) - In a market that’s overly saturated with sugary high calorie drinks for kids, Y Water is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative that is now available throughout Southern California Walgreens.

Y Water thinks differently: In with the vitamins, the minerals and the electrolytes for better hydration and out with the sugar, the calories, and all the artificial stuff. “Basically we wanted to address parents' concerns about the calorie count, healthfulness and organic quality of the products they give their children, while pleasing kids too," says Thomas Arndt, founder and CEO of Y Water. All the good stuff without the bad stuff.

Y Water appeals to kids, moms & dads in a straightforward, fun language they can relate to. That’s why product benefits double as product names, like immune water and bone water. The same goes for the product explanations – “Cure for the common cooties” - immune water. “Not for worms” - bone water.

What’s in Y Water: Y Water is a USDA certified organic beverage in flavors and functions containing all natural and certified organic ingredients. The drinks contain no preservatives, artificial coloring, or artificial sweeteners. Unlike the usual saccharine “fruit” flavors marketed to children, Y Water is available in four delicious flavor combinations: 



•  Bone Water is enriched with calcium, and vitamins A, C and D.
•  Brain Water contains a special blend of zinc, molybdenum and
   vitamins B6, B12 and C. 
•  Muscle Water features magnesium, potassium, selenium as well as
   vitamin A and C. 
•  Immune Water is fortified with antioxidants and vitamins
   A, C and E. 

The flavor profiles of the four Y Water variations have been tested by the harshest critics there are - kids from 2 to 12 years of age. Their candid conclusion of the experience: May I have another one?

Cool packaging: Y Water is carton smart in its appealing, innovative packaging made by Tetra Pak. The Tetra Classic® Aseptic carton is a triangular pyramid shape and is a no-waste industrial cutting die mold - the first industrial drink package design ever by Tetra Pak. It dates back to 1943 Sweden, when the development started. The iconic design is part of the MOMA NY design collection. Tetra Classic® Aseptic is now being re-launched stateside in Southern California with Y Water. The container is fully recyclable – recyclecartons.com for more information. 

“It’s industrial design on the highest level”, notes Arndt “the simplest no-waste shape leads to the purest, most unique drinking container - kids love it, it’s fun, and it’s simple, but the thought that went into it is sophisticated. We are very pleased to work with Tetra Pak for Y Water. It’s a perfect match of philosophies of our two companies.”

About Y Water Inc. – Y Water is a small Los Angeles-based company committed to pursuing and leveraging academic research on the proven health benefits of vitamins and minerals to develop great tasting and nutritious beverages for children. Created by a team of highly regarded professionals from the worlds of design, food science and advertising, Y Water is poised to redefine the children’s beverage market.

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